How to Winterize your bike

Winterize your bike

Pedal biking is an enjoyable activity for all ages, some folks like to pedal bike in the warmer seasons only. For others, its an all year round activity, pedal bike riders who commute to and from work for example. Others find that the advantages of continuing to use their pedal bike throughout the fall and winter are beneficial to their health and fitness. However, its important to remember that in addition to winterizing your pedal bike, you need to ensure that you take care of yourself. In other words, you also need to ‘winterize’ yourself.

How to winterize your pedal bike for winter pedal bike outings

The first thing to do is a quick maintenance as you normally do during the warmer seasons.…

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Safety tips for bike riding with dogs!

bike with dog

Unlike our children, dogs are more likely to suddenly decide that chasing that cat is fun! |Even a well trained dog may suddenly decide to launch a barking and yapping attack to ‘warn’ a dog who just happens to be walking past. For pedal bike outings this can be a nightmare, but its not impossible to deal with. It is highly recommended that under no circumstances do you ride with your dogs leash in your hand.

This is extremely hazardous and has the potential to lead to serious injuries or fatalities for you , your dog and possibly pedestrians. The most important thing to bear in mind is that like humans, dogs need to be as physically fit as possible before taking up strenuous exercise.…

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Pedal biking : 5 Safety tips To Maximize Your Fun!

Better Cycling

Pedal bike rides are a fun activity for all ages alike. It is hugely popular and is highly beneficial to health and fitness. Pedal bike riders need to take special care to ensure their safety on roads to ensure that they can enjoy pedal bike riding safely. This may seem obvious but sadly, car drivers are not always responsible and numerous injuries and fatalities have been caused by irresponsible or careless drivers on roads and highways.…

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Pedal Bikes- security tips


Securing your pedal bike safely is important to deter potential bicycle thieves. There are many options to suit all budgets available. These range from simple pedal bike locks to high tech gadgets.

Pedal bike locks range from small detachable wheel clamp style locks through to larger locks that also serve as a wheel clamp. U shaped bicycle locks are also available and some have detachable holders for the frame removing the necessity of having to carry them.

Pedal Bike Lock styles

The basic U shaped pedal bike lock is at the lower range budget for pedal bike security. Most people use these for storing their pedal bikes in locking points or their garage. This can also be attached to bicycle parking stations whilst out and about.…

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Top 3 ways to make your road bike faster


To account for that product, we try to explain an acceptable affection eyelashes like a carbon road bike with SRAM Rival Kuota Kharma accept.

It is not air-conditioned purpose antenna agency, but a solid bike acceptable. Adulation you as you ride, but now the appetite to make it faster. Calculate a new anatomy and development in order to get your Group? What about wheels? You want a stiffer shaft arrangement even more speed? When I reach my bike easier to see how I will be very fast?

While the total weight of the body to appeal to the best way to be quickly added to bring the power to reduce anger and reduce rolling resistance.The three versions I applauded these areas tends

Here is the 3-accessory upgrades for the bike faster.

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Important factors while choosing Road Bike Shoes

Road Bike Shoes

There is a huge diversity when it comes to cycling shoes. The type of shoes you should buy all depends on your biking needs. If you are not a cycling fanatic then your regular tennis shoes would be fine while being on the bike. But on the contrary, you love to do racing and cycling on the tracks is your favorite hobby, then you must buy the perfect road bike shoes. There are certain factors that you must follow while selecting the road bike shoes for yourself.

Comfort comes first…

When choosing the road bike shoes you must consider three factors which are comfort efficiency and style. You should see if the features of the shoes are able to provide you with these characteristics then it is the right one for you.…

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