How to Winterize your bike

Winterize your bike

Pedal biking is an enjoyable activity for all ages, some folks like to pedal bike in the warmer seasons only. For others, its an all year round activity, pedal bike riders who commute to and from work for example. Others find that the advantages of continuing to use their pedal bike throughout the fall and winter are beneficial to their health and fitness. However, its important to remember that in addition to winterizing your pedal bike, you need to ensure that you take care of yourself. In other words, you also need to ‘winterize’ yourself.

How to winterize your pedal bike for winter pedal bike outings

The first thing to do is a quick maintenance as you normally do during the warmer seasons. Clean your pedal bike and chain. However you will need to use a different lubricant for decreasing as the usual t lubricants do not withstand adverse weather conditions. A lubricant with high viscosity is best and this will need to be done more frequently. The next thing is to do is prepare your tires ensuring that they are not too skinny and inflated properly. Check the seat as sometimes a small water residue may have built up and this can lead to corrosion. Fenders are a good idea and should be cleaned and checked frequently. If your pedal bike has clipless pedals these also need to be lubricated frequently otherwise there is the potential of them freezing more information at

How to ‘winterize’ yourself for pedal bike outings

During colder weather its tempting to think along the lines of ‘the more layers of clothing the better’. However this is not the case with pedal bike riding. Remember as you exercise, you generate heat and can quickly become hot and sweaty. So the best advice is to have one base level of clothing and a soft waterproof shell jacket. A warm liner in the helmet or a stocking cap on your head will help keep you warm. Waterproof gloves with grips on the finger area are best as this avoids slipping on wet handlebars.

How to winterize your pedal bike for storage

If you are storing your pedal bike outside the home in a garage or other locking point, you need to thoroughly clean and check it. Ensure that the tyres are fully inflated and check for any damage, turn your pedal bike upside down and leave standing for a short period to allow any water that has been trapped inside the seat to release. Thoroughly clean and dry the entire pedal bike, remove the chain and degrease At this point, its worthwhile taking the time out to do any repairs so that when the warmer seasons arrive your pedal bike is ‘good to go’.for more details visit her latest blog post.

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